Item Details

Clicking on a title on the Search Results screen displays the Item Details screen for that item. The information on this screen may include the author, publisher, physical description, list of copies, and the location and availability of the copies.

Viewing more information

The tabs at the bottom of the Item Details screen offer you more information about the item and specific copies of the item. Note that not all of the following tabs will appear for every item.

Requesting an item

To place a request for the item,

Adding an item to your Cart

To add an item to your Cart, click the Add to Cart button. A notification message appears towards the top of the screen notifying you that the item has been added to your Cart.

Rating, Tagging, and Reviewing

When you are logged in with your library barcode and password, you can rate, tag, and/or write a review for an item that you've read, listened to, or watched.